Curse of Strahd

First Couple Sessions

The group had meet through out several small adventures and have formed their own adventuring group. After a long day of helping out the locals they take rest in the tavern of the town. Later into the night as the fog rolls in A man dressed in Very vibrant clothes, slams open the tavern door and confronts the group. He then hands them a letter asking that they help a group find solace for their leader.

The next day they set out to meet these people by heading west, after several hours of travel, They meet a caravan of a people who call themselves the Vistani (Gypsy’s) and their current leader presents himself. He is named Stanimir. He takes the group and sits them around a bonfire and tells them the story of Barovia.

After a night rest the group makes their way to a near by forest as the Vistani lead them inside and as they progress inside the light of the sun soon gets blocked out by the canopy of trees as an seemingly all encompassing fog surrounds them.

With one final campsite and a long rest the group find themselves not in the same spot they had sent up camp, they find themselves finally in Barovia. “Quickly Madam Eva will have all your answers!” Stanimir tells the group as he leads them through a Half abandoned village. But as they walk the fog closes in, and the Vistani seem impossibly fast as they disappear into the fog itself. Any efforts the group tries going through the fog leads them back the way they walked in and finally a Walk way opens to lead them to an unassuming house with two crying children sitting outside of it.

After asking the children questions the group make their way inside the house as the fog almost pushes the group into the maw of the door. Making their way thorough the house they find horrible visages in layed into the walls and make their way to the attic. This leads them to find the deed of the house as well as a letter from Strahd himself. They find the ghosts of the children locked into their room and then eventually leave them alone and make their way down a long staircase to a catacomb of which holds the coffins of the different family members.

After exploring some of the catabombs the group run into several different encounters including a Grick, Several Ghouls and ending the sessions with a fight against a Mimic in the shape of a door.

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